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Are all your products organic?

Each LATTICIA Organics product (apart from the candle) is certified organic by the prestigious Soil Association - COSMOS Organic. 

LATTICIA Organics products are also free from:

- Animal testing
- GM ingredients
- Controversial chemicals
- Parabens and Phthalates
- Synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances


Are all LATTICIA Organics products vegan?

Yes! Each LATTICIA Organics product is 100% vegan and approved by The Vegan Society. 


What does M.O.V.E stand for?

Each LATTICIA Organics product is developed to ensure it embraces the MOVE philosophy:


To buy less and buy better


To be kinder and more thoughtful to our skin


To celebrate all living things


To contribute fairly and sustainably to the economy


What is the shelf life of the products?

As each product is water-less and synthetic preservative free, each product has a shelf life of six months after opening. Store your L.O products away from water and direct sunlight too :) 


Are your products safe for during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

As all of the LATTICIA Organics products contain essential oils, please consult your doctor before use if you are breastfeeding or pregnant.


Are there any nut based ingredients in the LATTICIA Organics collections?

Yes, there are nut based ingredients in the following products:

Shea Soufflé Moisturiser

Hand Poured Essential Oil Candle

~Daily Bath Salt & Body Scrub


How sustainable is LATTICIA Organics?

Each skincare product by LATTICIA Organics is certified organic by The Soil Association - COSMOS Organic. This means that you are saying yes to sustainably sourced organic ingredients, transparent manufacturing processes,
biodegradable ingredients, eco-friendly plastic-free packaging and protecting wildlife & biodiversity.

You won't find; Animal testing, GM ingredients, Controversial chemicals, Parabens and Phthalates or Synthetic colours, dyes/ fragrances in ANY of the LATTICIA Organics products. 

Each LATTICIA Organics product is 100% vegan and approved by The Vegan Society. 


How sustainable is the packaging?

LATTICIA Organics packaging consists of:

~ Glass jars & bottles

~ Plastic-free aluminium screw lids 

~ Recycled Paper labels 

~ Biodegradable gold foil and plant-based inks. 

~ FSC recyclable cartons 

~ Recyclable shipping boxes, postcards, tissue paper and stuffing


How are the products made?

At the moment, each product is made in small batches by LATTICIA in her home-based studio in the West Midlands, each product is carefully handcrafted under the EU cosmetic regulations as well as guidance set by The Soil Association - COSMOS Organic and The Vegan Society. 


Do you use synthetic fragrances?

As each product is designed to have multi-uses/benefits, you will not find any synthetic fragrances in the LATTICIA Organics formulas. Essential oils not only smell incredible but they have amazing wellness benefits.