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My Path to Becoming a Qualified Facialist

Posted by Latticia Agunpopo on
My Path to Becoming a Qualified Facialist

In March 2023, I enrolled on the VTCT Level 2 Skincare and Facial Massage course. Through my training with Re:Lax Skin School, I have gained an in-depth knowledge of the anatomy & physiology of the skin, the benefits of facial massage, product formulations and skincare rituals that address a wide range of concerns. I was so elated to have passed my practical and written examinations in June - I was taught by Polly Mossman, an incredible yoga facilitator, meditation guide & holistic facial therapist (facialist cohort in the image below).

I decided to embark on this journey of becoming a qualified facial therapist because essentially, I wanted to become the person I wish I knew when I had acne.

I was always told to use harsh, stripping products on my troubled skin that left me feeling hopeless and frustrated.  It was not until I decided to adopt a wellness-first approach that I finally achieved healthier skin. With this in mind, Re:Lax Skin School was the perfect place for me to train as a facialist because of their three pronged approach to healthy skin: topical treatments, lifestyle considerations, and nutritional therapy. 

My goal is to create a sanctuary for you to escape the stresses of everyday life and indulge in a bespoke facial experience that leaves your skin nourished and your well-being nurtured. You can locate me at various spots: on weekends, I'm at The Proud Project, a well-known Pilates Studio on Chiswick High Street (W4); during the week, you'll find me at Re:Lax Skin Studio in their Borough Yards branch, and I also offer House Visits upon request (DM me on Instagram @latticiaorganics).

I can't wait to take care of you!

Love & Light,


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