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How I create work/ life harmony as a working woman

Posted by Latticia Agunpopo on
How I create work/ life harmony as a working woman

As a business owner, I feel maintaining a work/life balance is integral to achieving a happy medium to alleviate burnout but also to continually propel my creative energy. I have other responsibilities like my family, who also require my time and attention. As a wife, mother and business owner, I find myself juggling my commitments both personally and professionally with an aim to minimise stress and to maximise my business to ultimately find a sweet spot. Prioritizing everything all the time is very difficult and
invites burnout unless you create a balance through practice.

Below are seven tips which help me balance my obligations:

1. Stay Organised :
Organisation is key to my day to day life. Notion has become my best friend because I need to know what I am doing each day to thrive. From meetings to birthday reminders, I’m practical when making plans and scheduling my day to day activities and deadlines. I plan, make lists and prioritise the most important activities. This is how I stay on top of all the things I need done, and to give myself enough time to do it all.

2. Time for Me:
Your personal and professional life may collide as mine does all the time, but I’m a firm believer in self-care. It allows me to enjoy spa-like treatment at home and reminds me to not forget myself when it is so easy to as a entrepreneur, mother and a wife. So I make sure I do weekly face masks, get my hair and nails done and unwind by lighting the LATTICIA Organics candle in Lavender and Clary Sage (perfect for creating a calming environment) and taking luxurious salt baths.  

3. Rest:
As much as I work, I believe we should prioritise rest too. During the seasonal breaks, take all the days! You work hard and you deserve it. Resting up will only make your performance better, so take advantage of your time off and take a break before you burnout.

4. Pause Before You Get Overwhelmed :
One of my biggest tips is to stop and regroup if you are getting overwhelmed. Managing a family and work harmony is difficult on the best of days, so I try to take a moment to think, a moment to take a breath or even to take a well-deserved moment alone.

5. Treasure Your Support System:
Make sure you have people you can lean on who will support you no matter what. My support system is imperative to my success and my mental health. Having loved ones and friends close by to vent to, to bounce ideas off of and to tell me I can do it, inspires me to reach my full potential.

6. Delegate:
You can’t always do everything yourself – this goes for business and in real life. Part of balance is knowing when your load is full. Ease your workload if you can by delegating to your team (or family/friends), or getting help in busy periods. And at home, delegating is important too! Organise your home by asking for help and getting your loved ones to pitch in.

7. Motivate Yourself:
Keep an archive of motivational quotes, pins, and sayings to inspire you. This will not only motivate you, but the next time you doubt your abilities, you can encourage yourself to keep going and be your best self.

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